"I must admit that when my dentist retired and passed on her practice to Dr. Tran, I felt ambivalent.  However, I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Tran and the team at Kai Family Dentistry.  Dr. Tran has completed fillings and crowns for me; she is extremely skilled and is a perfectionist.  She takes the extra steps to make sure that everything feels and works comfortably.  She also has a genuinely warm and kind bedside manner and will call me after a procedure to check to see how I'm doing.

Lia, the dental hygienist, and Anna, the office manager, are equally superb professionals!  For example, Anna  is very knowledgeable about my dental benefits and helps me plan the timing of my procedures.

I hope you give them a try!"


"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Tran and her team!  I first came in due to a dental emergency and they took care of me right away!  They were extremely kind and gentle.  Since then, I have been back a few times for a cleaning and some dental work.  Every single visit everyone is super friendly, kind and helpful.  Not to mention they are extremely gentle and always want to make sure you are comfortable.  I will be moving out of Santa Cruz soon, but keeping this team as my dental provider making the worthwhile trips for my cleaning as they are that good!  Please go see Dr. Tran and her team - everyone is so wonderful!"

Andrea W.

"A trip to the dentist is typically not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a pleasurable experience, however from the scope of my experiences this has been the most comfortable I been while working with a dental team.  The staff at Kai Dentistry is fantastic.

The front office is very warm and welcoming, and they have complimentary tea/coffee in lobby. Dr. Tran took the time to listen to me and my dental history along with conducting a thorough examination. The main reason I came in was for a new retainer and mouth guard, since my old ones were damaged. I am pleased to report that my new retainer fits perfectly and so does the night guard; Dr. Tran made sure that they both fit properly before I left the office.

I also got 5% off my bill for riding my bicycle to the office!  I will be coming back in 6 months and looking forward to the cleaning and the free tea in the waiting area.  

Thank you and keep up the great work."

Cardiff H.

"I know going to the dentist isn't something you would write home about or even write on Yelp about, but I had to share my experience after going to Kai Family Dentistry.
First, the office is comforting which is always important when you have to calm the nerves before going in for a filling or cleaning.  Second, the staff is beyond welcoming and makes you feel like you're part of the family.  Third, Dr. Tran is the most caring and thoughtful dentist I have ever had the opportunity to drool under.  Her and her staff helped make me the best pair of retainers that I have ever had.  They are crystal clear and actually fit like Cinderella's glass slippers which was a pleasant surprise.  

Thank you for everything! I will be back every six months and hopefully no sooner."

Stirling H.

"Dr Tran took over my previous dentist practice, and inherited the previous office staff and patients.  I am very happy with the change, and had a chance yesterday to find out how well she is doing.  I had two crowns done yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience.  That is saying a lot for getting two crowns, but I really mean it.  I already knew how good her staff was from going to this office for years.  From Anna at the front to Lea who is the best hygienist I have had in all my years going to get my teeth cleaned, I have always felt comfortable and happy at this office.  Now to have such a great dentist to lead this team is really awesome for us patients. 

Dr Tran took the time to really explain what was going on, as did her assistant, (I can't remember her name.. sorry).  They made very sure I was not going to feel any sensitivity or discomfort with the procedure and it took several efforts to get the right teeth numb enough, but she persisted and didn't rush anything. I could really tell her only concern was my comfort and it didn't matter how long that was going to take to get it right.   Wow, what a great thing when getting a major work done. Luckily my two crowns were right next to each other, so just one area.  

Once I finally cooperated and got numb, there  was absolutely no  pain involved, and no discomfort.  Dr Tran and her assistant were very proficient and it was obvious how well they coordinated the effort to work well together and it was over quickly and I left with a perfectly fitting temporary crown.  It's the next day and I have absolutely no pain or discomfort today either, so she really knows her stuff.  She really did the little things to make it easier.  How many of you have had your dentist recognize your jaw is sore from holding your mouth open so long and got a massage from your dentist to ease the discomfort?  Awesome right?    And  my worst part of any dental work is the shots...., never even felt them at all. 

It's hard to say getting two crowns is a good experience, but since it was necessary I am sure glad to be in such great hands with this office and professional staff.  

I feel strongly enough that I convinced my two adult sons to make their appointments here too. 

Thank You Dr  Tran!"

Paul B.

"I hadn't been to the dentist in several years, and Dr. Tran and her staff made me feel like I had been missing out, which I had.  The practice came highly recommended by a family member, and I am really happy to say, he was right!  I found a dentist again, and am looking forward to going back to get everything back in order.  The building is cute, clean, cozy, and off the main street, therefore nice and quiet too.  I can't say enough good things about my first experience there, and I'm sure my follow up appointments will be great too. A serious weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  THANK YOU!!!"

Michael B.